The Garden Room

There is something about an enclosed outdoor area that can calm us, inspire us or just give us a sense of private space when overlooked by houses on all sides. I love to work with clients to create them as we never build the same one twice, each one is unique to that garden and that client.

For this garden the owner had wanted something between a pagoda/temple structure they had seen in the Himalayas and a more traditional summerhouse. The space in the garden had been made for them by a couple of ancient pear trees that were the sad victims of a night of strong winds.

After a period of design, consultation and redesign we settled on a structure that was open on three sides, with squared railings and a corrugated metal roof (to capture that distinct sound when hiding from heavy rain, something anybody who has travelled in the tropics during the wet season will recognise!).

We began with six solid uprights, set onto a rock base just under the topsoil. These were tied in together with crosspieces before adding a solid wood floor. Next were three roof truss assemblies, temporarily stabilised with metal bracing. Painted metal corrugated roofing was up next, working under a hot Welsh sun (not something we see every day…)

The final touches were smooth, rounded handrails, square spindles and steps leading to and from the main deck.

Although a simple structure, I am confident that it will still be standing long after I have gone – and certainly longer than a flat-pack from a shed warehouse!