A home for a sword

This was unusual, but satisfying. Creating small, individual display pieces is always fun – but there is also a lot of pressure to get it right! With so little wood on display and each joint, curve and edge being under scrutiny from all angles a woodworker has to take care over every step of the process.

This was a bespoke commission to create a stand for a katana and a pair of sai for a martial arts weapons collector. I was given some very specific instructions for the design and materials:

– Cedar or similar redwood
– The katana had to be displayed with the cutting edge facing upwards, and without putting pressure on the ornamental scabbard
– The stand should be completely symmetrical, as displaying the sword with the grip to the left or right has particular significance in different situations.

The finished katana stand was oiled with teak oil, and the inside of the two vertical cups was lined with a red baize to protect the scabbard.