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smyth proof 002

A bookcase with glass

For this bespoke furniture commission we were tasked with creating a unique bookcase to fit in an alcove – above a toilet! The client had a vast collection of travel and adventure books that meant that any space in the home had to be used, and now the bathroom was being pressed into service as

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Katana stand

A home for a sword

This was unusual, but satisfying. Creating small, individual display pieces is always fun – but there is also a lot of pressure to get it right! With so little wood on display and each joint, curve and edge being under scrutiny from all angles a woodworker has to take care over every step of the

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pugh cabinet and knife stand 005_1

A cabinet under the counter

A customer asked if we could make a cabinet to fit under a worktop in their utility room. We spent half an hour so taking measurements and discussing what the customer wanted, but it was becoming clear that what they wanted wasn’t really clear in their mind. This isn’t unusual when dealing with bespoke commissions

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