Van Ply Lining and Customisation / Woodworking for vans, motorhomes, caravans and trailers

Van Ply Lining and Customisation

There are dozens of ply lining kits on the market for pretty much every type of van sold in the U.K. in the last 10-15 years. They are all designed to maximise space and be as cheap as possible – but sometimes our clients want something more. Maybe they need a bespoke storage solution, or to allow space for insulation in the walls, floor and roof – if so, an off-the shelf ply-lining kit won’t be enough.

We have insulated, lined and converted vans, trailers and even 4x4s. We use the best materials for the job and create unique and hand-crafted solutions for every budget.

To find out if we can help with your van, campervan or trailer lining or conversion then please get in touch.